5 Ways to Stay Positive When Life Gets You Down

Stay PositiveThere is a lot to distract you from positivity. It’s time to get rid of those distractions by focusing on what’s important. Practice these five impactful ways to stay positive. You will start to love your life when you do.

1. Make a Happy List

Woman Making a List

Most everyone wants to be happy, but it’s not until you make a list of what makes you happy and why it makes you happy that you understand what makes you tick. Write down everything you love to do. It can be enjoying tea on a rainy day or dancing in your hallway. Think about how each activity impacts you.

You might notice that you love to be in your flow state for most of the day. You might like a balance between a few calming and exciting activities. Once you develop this list, set out to do those things daily. You will notice a phenomenal difference in how you feel. You will also open up a world of possibility as you step into your full potential.

2. Find Your Purpose in Life

Find Your Purpose In Life

This is a big one, but it’s totally doable. Also, it’s important to note that we don’t just have one purpose. We can have many. One purpose might involve being an awesome parent to your child. It can include giving money to the homeless. Consider your talents and skills. Use your gifts to enrich others’ lives.

When you focus on the bigger picture, life has a whole other level and meaning to it. Think upon your purpose daily. Be patient with yourself as you discover additional purposes in life. Even if you don’t know of any right now, it can’t stop you from making others happy. You will see that happiness returns to you a million times over.

3. Focus on Gratitude

Grateful Heart

There is an old story of a teacher that held up a piece of paper with a dot on it. When asked what they saw, the students said, “We see a dot.” They didn’t take time to notice all the space around the dot. This is like life.

You might have a flat tire, but you also have a good cup of coffee and roadside assistance. Look at things big and small because they’re all around you. You will feel happier when you take time to notice the many blessings you have in your life.

4. Customize Your Life

Elegant Black Woman

You have covered three major ways to stay positive. Now, we’ll delve into creating a life that naturally lifts you up. This doesn’t just involve your happy list. This is about self expression in your appearance, routine, house décor and everything you come into contact with.

From sun up to sun down, you need to be the conductor of your life. Think of your home’s décor and what would make you feel most peaceful and creative. Dress how you want, do your makeup in the way you love, or ditch the makeup if you want to.

5. Love Yourself

Love Yourself

You know all the things that are different about yourself? It’s time to love them. It’s also time to appreciate everything about yourself you normally take for granted. It’s okay if you have wrinkles. That shows you have laughed, thought carefully and comforted others in times of need.

It’s okay to want to improve yourself too, but do it out of love. Appreciate your quirks. Embrace who you really are. When you are comfortable in your own skin, you will find you’re naturally happier.


Don’t stress when you’re thrown some curve balls. “Bad” things can create positive outcomes in your life if you keep the right attitude. You can be healthier after sickness. You can be stronger after overcoming adversity. You can do anything. That’s what you need to remember.

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The Key to Staying Positive When Life Gets You Down.


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