How to Practice Self-Love: 5 Tips to Loving Yourself

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Loving yourself is about self-acceptance, but it reaches far beyond that too. It’s a deliberate act of kindness you extend to yourself in a way that you’d extend to others. If you find that it’s far too easy to be kinder to others than you are to yourself, you are long overdo in acts of self-love. Read more

Is the Media Over Influencing Our Perception of Beauty?

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We have a culture that tells little girls they are ornaments and their worth lies in how good they look. This is fed by the media.

Our media consistently shows women who are flawless because their photos have been altered in one way or another. Read more

5 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

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It can be so easy to criticize yourself and have thoughts of ways that you can improve flowing through your head. Even though it’s great that you want to get the most out of yourself, it’s important to also engage in self-acceptance and remind yourself of all of the positives that you have to offer yourself and others right now. Read more

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