5 Ways to Keep Your Dreams Alive

Keep Your Dreams AliveEach and every one of us is born with a dream in our hearts. Over time, though, we come up with excuses to stop pursuing these dreams. This is often the result of settling for something that we make ourselves believe is just as good.

Maybe you squash aspirations of going to college because you keep saying, “A high school diploma is basically as good as a college degree.” However, you don’t have to let your dreams die. Here are five ways that you can keep them alive. Read more

5 Powerful Self-Confidence Boosters

Woman Standing on Warm Sandy Beach

Most people wish they had an air of self-confidence because this one intangible characteristic is highly empowering. It’s also appealing, so why remain timid?

Quit suppressing your genuine feelings, and start expressing yourself to the world, namely to your peers and loved ones. If the little voice inside your head tries to stop you, what you need is a confidence booster. Read more

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