Don’t Wait! Start Your New Year’s Resolution Right Now!

If Not Now... When?

Some people think they have to wait until the end of the year to create a new year’s resolution. In reality, you can set exciting new goals during any time of the year!

In fact, you could even start a new resolution today. All it takes is a bit of determination and a smart goal setting strategy.

Why Any Day Is A Good Day For A New Resolution

There’s no reason you have to wait until January to create a new habit or change your lifestyle. This whole “new year’s resolution” thing isn’t set in stone.

You’ll have a much easier time with self-improvement once you realize that any day is as good as any other for becoming a better version of yourself.

There are a lot of problems with the assumption that New Years is the only time for resolutions. Here are the five biggest:

  • Your entire year can feel like a failure after you fail to stick with your initial resolution.
  • You waste precious time waiting for the next year’s resolution, time you could be spending on self-improvement.
  • You feel social pressure to keep up with everyone else who’s successfully adopting their own resolutions.
  • Any failure is especially painful when other people are simultaneously meeting their goals all around you.
  • You’re forced to adopt major changes in your life in accordance with an arbitrary date on a calendar, not when it actually makes the most sense for you.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. Once you free yourself from the narrow “new year’s resolution” mindset, you’ll be able to reinvent yourself on your own terms.

Keys to Smart Goal Setting

So you don’t have to wait until January to set your goals, but you do need to be smart about how you create new habits.

Making meaningful improvements requires a solid strategy and a long-term commitment. Here are five tips for setting and meeting your objectives.

Here are five tips for setting and meeting your objectives.

1. Set Weekly Goals

You need an action plan that will help you change for the better. Setting weekly objectives is a great way to slowly get closer to your ultimate goal.

Completing a certain amount of pushups or reading for an hour every day are the types of milestones you should be setting for yourself.

Keep meeting these weekly goals, and you’ll be a whole new person before you know it!

2. Make The Goals Realistic

Reality Check Sign

We all get over-excited when planning our self-improvement strategies, and sometimes we set ourselves unrealistic goals in the process.

While planning to run twenty miles every day might seem like a healthy challenge, it’s actually a recipe for disaster.

You’ll probably fall short of your goal, and then you’ll be super disappointed. Objectives that are actually achievable will allow you to feel victorious and build some positive momentum.

3. Make To-Do Lists For Everything

Make To Do Lists

It’s always a good idea to break your larger ambitions down into smaller parts. Set yourself simple tasks that will help you meet your goals, and create to-do lists that will keep you organized.

Click here to download a copy of the “CuteToMyself” to-do-list!

4. Try Journaling To Help With Your Emotions

Spend Time Journaling

Self-improvement is often hard on your emotions. You’re challenging yourself to break out of old habits and create a better version of yourself, and it isn’t always easy.

If you pay attention to your emotions throughout the process, you’ll learn how to best achieve the results you’re after. Writing in a journal is a great way to keep track of your progress while acknowledging how you feel.

5. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Create New Healthy Habits

While it’s important to break your ambitions down into smaller chunks, don’t ever lose sight of the big picture. Allow yourself to fantasize about the person you’ll be once you’ve achieved your ultimate goal.

Imagine what life will be like when you’ve formed new, healthy habits. This will give you the motivation to overcome any obstacles.

Pick A New Resolution And Get Started Today!

No, resolutions are not just for New Year’s. By adopting the strategies outlined above, you can set smart goals and achieve your dreams. Any day could be the start of a new chapter in your life, so why not today?


Helena Rogers

Helena B. Rogers is the publisher of “The Savvy Woman Blog”. For more than 20 years, she has been committed to All things women. Through the use of her newspaper, websites, newsletters and workshops, Helena has been devoted to informing, inspiring and encouraging women. Because of her experiences as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, business woman, and volunteer, Helena is happy and excited to share practical and heartfelt information with you. Helena has recently published “Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses”, a six-step guide to using Vision Boards to set goals and achieve your dreams.

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