5 Reasons You Should Exercise Regularly

Woman and Child Exercising Regularly
Exercising has several benefits that can help you have a healthy life. Check out these five reasons you should be exercising regularly.

1. Reduces Pain

Regular exercise is a great way to reduce pain. Strengthening your core can decrease persistent low back pain and protect against future injury.

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2. Increases Muscle Strength

Increased strength allows you to complete your day to day task with ease. Imagine if simple things like walking, going up the stairs, picking up groceries, or playing with your children became easier and more enjoyable.

Woman Doing Lunges


3. Helps to Lose Some Unwanted Weight

The best benefit of exercise is weight loss. You need a combination of exercise and a balanced meal plan. Here’s what weight loss can do for you: 1. Your clothes fit better, 2. You feel great and 3. Your energy levels soar

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4. Controls Blood Sugar

Regular exercise helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. Exercise will help your body to better utilize sugar since exercise positively impacts insulin sensitivity. A combination of weight loss and improved blood glucose control has several health benefits.

Diabetes Test


5. Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

Exercise helps the heart in two ways:

Weak heart muscles pump a relatively small amount of blood with each beat. Essentially, your heart is putting in a lot of effort with every beat. By exercising, you strength your heart muscles so they pump more blood with less effort, this decreases the pressure on your arteries.

Exercise increases HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels in some people. This decreases the risk for heart disease. Other heart disease risk factors such as weight, diabetes, and high blood pressure also improve with regular exercise.

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